Power Combo: Elite Rib™ + SnapRib™ Battens

A durable and distinct vertical siding

Step up your next project with Elite Batten, our newest metal siding solution. Thanks to our unique, patent-pending design, Elite Batten locks in a sturdy snap-on batten that not only looks sharp but holds strong. It’s all built on the reliable foundation of our popular Elite Rib exposed fastener panel.

These 36-inch panels fasten into place whether you’re working over framing or sheathing. The system has panel ribs 12 inches on center where you’ll attached clips for battens that offer a symmetrical, bold profile. As the battens snap-on, you’ll achieve a robust, hidden fastener system. That means less hassle and a rock-solid system, every time.

Finally, maximize curb appeal with a library of popular colors, textures, and woodgrain finishes on a bold profile. Whether it’s a fresh build or exterior remodel, Elite Batten delivers top-tier results that last.


line up. lock in. snap on.

Metal Exterior’s patent-pending design aims to reduce installation hassle and deliver optimal performance. 

In 3 simple steps, you will fuse the rugged Elite Rib panel with a hidden fastener batten. Simply line up the panhead screw, clip and panel rib. Lock it in by drilling the fastener into place. And simply, snap the batten into place.

It’s that easy to install and then enjoy decades of excellent aesthetics and performance.

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