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Parallel Rib™ Metal Roofing Panel


A Classic with Staying Power

Our Parallel Rib Panel is a premium steel roofing system. The traditional ag panel features a low-profile, making it an excellent choice in both roofing and siding applications. It brings all the value, quality, and durability of premium steel roofing, all at an affordable price! Our Parallel Rib Panel offers a wonderful combination of beauty and function making it the perfect choice for homeowners, farmers, and just about anyone else who wants an affordable steel roofing option for their roofing needs.

Panel Specifications:

  • Cut to custom lengths per order.
  • Available in 18 smooth colors and 15  textured colors.
  • 36” panel coverage.
  • Rib Spacing: 9”
  • Rib Height: ¾”
  • 40-year paint warranty
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Available  in 29 & 26 Gauge
  • Sherwin-Williams Paint  System
Parrallel Rib Panel

Parallel Rib Trim Profiles

Chimney Flashing

Door Post Trim

Double Angle Trim

Drip Edge

Drip Flashing

End Wall Flashing

Fascia Trim

Gable Trim

Hip Cap - Gambriel

Inside Corner


Mini Angle

Overhead Door Trim

Outside Corner

Rat Guard

Residential Corner

Ridge Cap

Sidewall Flashing

Snow Guard

Track Cover

Transition Flashing

Valley Flashing

Parallel Rib™ Metal Roofing Photo Gallery

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