Ultra Max: Commercial Grade Exposed Fastener Roofing

Standing seam look. Lighter on the checkbook.

With its bold, conical ribs, Ultra Max stands out from its exposed fastener rivals. Three 1.5 inch ribs offer spans of 18 inches on center for a bold, pleasing profile on any roofing project.

The Ultra Max is designed for the heavy demands of commercial agricultural, industrial, retail, and warehousing settings with standard 26 GA and 24GA options. Our robust paint warranties and rich color library will offer curb appeal for decades with an excellent return on investment.

When your project needs a strong profile for an excellent value, ask for Ultra Max.

  • Available in 26 gauge and 24 gauge by request.

  • Custom lengths up to 60 feet.

  • Ribs are 18 inches on center with standard 36 inch panel width.

  • 40 year coating warranty and optional 50 year fastener warranty.

  • Panel coatings in 14 color options and texture variations.

  • Designed for harsh climates and commercial projects.

Ultra Max Color Options


lock out the weather

Metal Exteriors strives to design whole systems that manage your risk. Our careful selection of fastener partners equips you with options that exceed standards. 

You will be able to upgrade to options that lock in your investment with warranties that meet or exceed those of your panel.

Ask one of our experts which fastener is right for optimal results.

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