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Recoiling and Related Services

Get steel at the maximum efficiency offered by Metal Exterior’s recoiling services.

Win good jobs without big costs

Metal Exteriors’ recoiling and cutting services streamline production. By eliminating the need for in-house machinery, they reduce overhead and material waste. Our services consolidate multiple steps and give you access to resources unique specialty contracts demand, saving you both time and money.

Fast Shipping

Our team focuses on your order and ensures it will arrive in a timely manner.

Fair Pricing

We work hard to make sure other family-owned businesses like us have a competitive edge.


You are not just some number on an order entry. We believe in developing real relationships that lead to long-term growth.

hard-to-find colors & gauges

We leverage our network to give you access to hard-to-find items. 

Cut for standing seam

Reduce waste and increase efficiency with our ready-to-form standing seam coils.

Cut for metal board & batten

Your next siding job will be much more profitable and efficient with our ready-to-form coils.

Years Experience
hr. or less
Turnaround on Stock Coil
Colors, prints and Textures
gauge steel avail.

Dedicated Support

No business and no single job is exactly the same. That’s why Metal Exteriors assigns an account specialist to you and ensures your needs are understood and served at the highest level. This results in your business finding hard to find coil, delivering excellent results to your customers and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done.