The all new d5

Introducing the Metal D5: Classic clapboard meets rugged steel strength. Elevate your space with low-maintenance luxury, and ensure maximum protection for your structure.

Premium Comes Standard

High Gauge Steel

We carefully source thicker steel gauges than industry standard. This increases durability, aesthetics and consistency across all lines.

Warranty Protection

Your chosen color is warrantied by no less than 40 years and backed by the world's largest manufacturers.

Nationwide Shipping

We will make sure your product gets to your door. Our experienced logistics team plans the best path to your door.

Dedicated Experts

Your project gets dedicated care from real experts. And it doesn't stop there. We provide continuing manufacturer support until the job is done.


We offer 500+ combinations of steel, texture, print and colors. And we will help you review each before you buy.

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Timeless style in steel's staying power

Our most popular profile can be ordered in several colors, textures and prints. Metal Batten siding seamlessly blends time-honored aesthetics with modern technology, offering the ultimate solution in exterior cladding

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This project is a big purchase. So we get it if you feel stuck.Our team of experts is available to help you narrow in on the perfect choice.